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This website is dedicated to the fallen liberators of WWII.


Since a long timeI have certain sentiments with the history of WWII. My family experienced this war, so there has always been some interest in WWII History. These sentiments have grown stronger when I grew up and realized how important it is to keep the memory alive of all those brave men who fought and died for our freedom.


My grandmother lived in Rotterdam, as a child she witnessed the heavy bombardment on Rotterdam. Her husband, my grandfather, was forced to work in German factories.  She  also had a brother who fought in the Dutch Army until Holland surrendered to the Germans. He escaped to Spain, was put in jail there but managed to escape again and made it to England where he became a soldier of the famous Prinses Irene Brigade. He landed in Normandy in August 1944 and fought against the Germans in France, Belgium and Holland. During the winter of 1944-1945, known by the Dutch as the famous ‘Hunger Winter’, my grandmother had to walk to Overijssel to find food to survive. She ended up eating flower bulbs....


In 2005 I had the opportunity to meet British, American, and Canadian veterans from WWII.  I was also honored for meeting some  liberators of my hometown ‘s-Hertogenbosch. After all these experiences, I wanted to do something in return. I found out about the adoption program at the US cemeteries here in Europe. I decided to adopt 25 graves of US soldiers who fought and died for our freedom.


I have adopted 5 graves at the U.S. cemetery and memorial Margraten (NL), 10 graves at the U.S. cemetery and memorial Ardennes (BE) and 10 graves at the U.S. cemetery and memorial Henri-Chapelle (BE).


On this website you learn about the men who gave to ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. They should never be forgotten, you can see the Faces Beyond their Graves.




Martijn van Haren